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Cape Road Assist is at your disposal 24 Hours/ 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
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Our call Agents are ready to take your call at your convenience.
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About US

Cape Road Assistance is a centralised 24 hour incident management organisation based in Cape Town , South Africa. Our main operation is to administer Motor Vehicle Accidents and Roadside Assistance on behalf of Insurance Companies and / or other Call Centres globally. With our 20 year experience in the towing and roadside assistance environment, we, together with our highly qualified Service Providers strive for shorter delay times and efficient case management. We also provide an Incident manager that assist customers at scene of incidents together with S.A Paramedic services that assist with paramedic assistance. Our aim is to provide sufficient service for all level of customers.



Cape Roadside Assist is a reputable towing company with a fleet of 26 vehicles that manages Accidents and Roadside assistance on behalf of Insurance Companies and/or other Call Centers nationally. Cape Road Assist is at your disposal 24Hours/ 7days a week/ 365 days a year. Our call Agents are ready to take your call at your convenience. Our 24HR 0861 00 66 55 is obtainable and ready for use at your service.

Sandra Barone
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Brilliant service! They were at our car in minutes, loaded up the car, stopped at 2 Tyre franchises en route to see if we could sort out the problem, and when we could not, took us and the car home. They were super helpful and efficient. Highly recommend!
Melanie Smith
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Always receive great service from them. Myself and my family constantly use Cape Road Assist for any roadside assistance as they are reliable and so quick. Highly recommend!!!!
Dudley Ristow
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My wife had a bad car accident in Parklands yesterday that shook her up very badly. Cape Road Assist was immediately on the scene and provided both a very comforting and efficient presence in communicating with both our motor insurance company and the towing service.